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Basilur & Tipson Teas - Quezon City

Basilur Tea "Fruit Infusions" Assorted (10En x 6) - 71619

1 set

A delightful tisane of natural fruits & herbs which is a perfect cocktail for all your occasions. Each brew is a sweet delight with natural fruits, herbs and flavours.

These infusions are packed with Vitamins and anti-oxidants to give you a boost of energy whilst quenching your thirst in a healthy, natural way.

Each cup is a delightful surprise, bursting with luscious flavours. A perfect cold drink on a warm summer afternoon or savour this delicious combination as a warm, fulfilling drink on a chilly night.

10 Foil enveloped tea bags x 6 types of fruit flavoured teas packed into a cardboard box.

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